Panties Bulge

Panties Bulge Pantiesbulge
Your connection to the fetish world of panties bulge!

The term panties bulge is used for men and women but lately it is used much more often in describing types of men’s underwear and men’s swimwear. Men and women alike are turned on by a hot panties it is really just human nature to see a  bulge and admire it. Men’s panties bulge shapes are much more pronounced than those of women but some women show very nice bulge that are known as camel toes. If you are not familiar with the term camel toe it is used as the name for when a women’s lips are exposed through pants, underwear and most often swimwear. The suit or panties ride up between the lips to expose them. Woman come in all shapes and sizes as do their lips and some women show a striking bulge or camel toe. These are always huge attention getters and many women do it to get noticed while other might not know they are sporting one. Camel toes are often seen at the gym where women wearing tights made of spandex or spandex cotton blends show a very detailed view of many a bulge. Men are working out wearing spandex tights now more than ever along with wearing swimwear that highlights their bulge. Many people of both sexes enjoy viewing a panties bulge on male or females. There are sites on the web that are dedicated to showing of men and women camel toes.

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